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our team

Our team offers professional coaching in various sports, access to top-notch facilities and equipment, and a community of like-minded individuals. We focus on holistic development, ensuring well-rounded growth for all athletes.




Meet Khalid Chauhan, the unstoppable force behind Maniac Sportz and Fitness. An engineer by trade and a basketball aficionado since he could dribble, Khalid’s journey from a hoop-loving kid to a seasoned player spans countless courts and competitions. Eight years ago, armed with little more than a basketball and a dream, he launched Maniac Sportz from a humble coaching gig in a neighborhood society. Today, Maniac Sportz is a game-changer in sports management and turf facility services, scoring collaborations with prestigious locations and brands like HB Sports and Fitness, Decathlon, Super Sports park, Players Turf, Hudle etc. Khalid’s mission? To make every player’s experience nothing short of legendary.